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Editing The Config File

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Before you upload the files, you will need to make changes to the "config.php" file located in the "sunshop/include/" directory.

Your file should look something like the one located below:



// Hostname Or IP Of Server

$servername = "localhost";


// Name of Database

$dbname = "sunshop40";


// Username And Password To Log Into Database

$dbusername = "root";

$dbpassword = "";


// Table Prefixes: Do not change the value after the install has been finished!

// $dbprefix = "ss_"; // Uncomment this line if this is a new install.


// Persistant Connection To Database (0 = Off, 1 = On)

$usepconnect = 0;


// SQL Debug Mode (0 = Off, 1 = On)

$sql_debug = 0;


// Change Admin Directory Name (Second Entry Defines The Directory Name)

define('ADMIN_DIR', 'admin');




Ignoring the lines that begin with "//" edit the variables within the config file to your correct settings. See below for a list of the variables and their functions.

$servername:  Usually you are fine leaving this at "localhost", but if the actual MySQL database is located on a different server you will need to change this to the proper hostname or IP address.

$dbusername:  Set this to the username you created or was assigned. If you set this up yourself through your hosting companies control panel, you will most likely have to add a prefix to this value.

$dbpassword:  Set this to your assigned or created password.

$dbname:  Set this to the name of the database you created or was assigned. This value may also need a prefix as the username above.

$dbprefix:  By default this is commented out and not used. You will note the "//" in front of this value. If you wish to use this, which is good if you have other information in the same database, uncomment this line by removing the "//" before the line.