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What is SunShop

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Welcome to the SunShop 4.0 Documentation:


Please note that this documentation is still under development and is being added to on a regular basis. If you are unable to find help on a specific topic, please feel free to open a ticket by sending a email to for additional help.


PHP Shopping Cart Software (PHP/MySQL)


Our turnkey, search engine friendly shopping cart system. A complete ecommerce solution packed with and extensive feature list. SunShop shopping cart offers all of the standard features you would find in any off the shelf shopping cart software plus much more. What makes SunShop shopping cart stand above the rest is the ease of use and those few extra features that we have included after years of feedback and requests from our clients.


We have spent countless hours researching the needs of our clients and we feel we have put together a turnkey shopping cart software package that will provide an optimal solution for your ecommerce projects. A robust, feature rich, and easy to maintain ecommerce shopping cart software is one of the keys to online business success. Its potential can be multiplied many times if accompanied by coherent resources & services to give a hand on the way to online success not leaving you alone when operating live ecommerce website.